Well done.   The format was casual, which i enjoyed.

All my questions were answered.  Everything was well demonstrated, well organized, and presented logically.

Very neat space.  A good learning environment.

A lot of information was given.  The slides were informative, and allowed for responsive interaction.

I enjoyed the class, but wish I wasn’t so far away in Pima County.

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The class was well run and everyone was very Professional and Knowledgeable. I left the class well informed and am glad I took it.[gap height="30px"]


Very Informative and well laid out class. Jokes weren’t bad either.[gap]


Super informative. Professional and courteous. Basically anything you would want in a class about ccw. Not a rushed class by any means, but also does not feel like it drags out all day. It has all the necessary information plus great additional information. Getting your CCW is just part of why you take a class. This class is informative and is a great class for any beginner, or intermediate that wants to know the laws and acceptable practices.

The fact he also offers separate shooting classes is just the icing on the cake. This class brings back into instilling the fact that a ccw is not just a piece of paper to allow you to carry your gun into places. It’s about knowledge and understanding of what you are really doing by carrying your firearm.

Great class, and I’ve already recommended it to several people.[gap height="30px"]


I attended CTS ARMS four hour CCW class in Prescott Valley.  PJ Clevenger was very clear and concise in his info, and answered any question without hesitation.  The class was very informative and the time flew by quickly.  I have retained much of the info PJ presented to the class.  Very good class!


My wife and I attended the 4hour concealed carry class taught by P J Clevenger in April, 2016.  Mr. Clevenger was thorough, concise and easy to follow and understand.  We would like to thank CTS Arms and Mr. Clevenger for the opportunity and wherewithal to renew our Concealed carry permits.


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