At CTS Arms, we are always on the lookout for quality used guns.

Consignment offers you the maximum dollar for your gun or gun collection, as well as peace of mind.

CTS Arms will sell your firearm for a fair and reasonable price based on the Blue Book of Firearm Values.

At the time of the estimate and processing of the firearm(s) please let us know of any wear and tear and any special intrinsic value of the firearm(s).

Please be sure to make any needed repairs of your firearm(s) before we take possession of it to both give you and the new customer the best service possible.




Selling a gun collection can be stressful, but our consignment process can help make it stress-free.

When we take the consignment, it goes onto our books as a federal firearms license holder.

We assume the risk for validating that the buyer is eligible to own that gun, freeing you of any liability after the sale.

We also field any and all questions about the collection, and we maintain your complete confidentiality throughout the sales process and help promote through social media with tools to buy tiktok likes and views to grow your business with a higher engagement.


  • Unless noted otherwise, CTS Arms may accept deposits on consignment firearms and allow a short period of time for the buyer to pay off and pick up the firearm.
  • If you decide to that you no longer want your firearm to be under consignment and want to pick up your firearm, you must fill out a Federal Form 4473 and pass a Federal NICS Background Check.
    There is no charge for this service.
  • For sellers who would rather get paid for their collection right away, we will sometimes purchase collections outright for our own resale. Since CTS Arms must assume the inventory risk for these kinds of purchases, the seller will generally net less than with a consignment transaction, but if you want cash now for your collection, outright purchase may be the right choice for you.